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Hailing from a background in fashion photography, Johannesburg-based photographer and video director Chris Saunders approaches his projects from the standpoint of a visual storyteller. His documentary work investigates the people and environments of South Africa and Africa, particularly subcultures and local 'culture crews' (his project on Pantsula dancers was recently accepted into the 2015 Lagos Photo Festival).


He has worked across Africa and internationally, with recent projects including Alicia Keyes' 2014 'Keep a Child Alive' campaign; British Council funded music video Ghost Diamond, in collaboration with British musician OK Zharp!; and Not X CS, with New York fashion designer Jenny Lai, exhibited in New York in 2014.


Saunders has worked with leading agencies, brands and magazines both locally and internationally, and is represented by Lampost for stills photography, and Ola! Films for his work in video direction. He was the recipient of a year long grant at Fabrica, Benetton's Creative Research Facility in 2010.



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