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I Won't Back Down (Music Video)



Go Barefoot's debut music video for their single, I Won't Back Down off of their first EP "Routes" . The music video is shot in one take and filmed on an abandoned highway in Gauteng South Africa. The underlying narrative: Go Barefoot's car breaks down and they say screw the bad times and rather have a jam to keep hopes up and not back down from a shitty situation. Filmed and conceived by Thomas Revington.



Go Barefoot consists of 5 friends from Joburg who are passionate about creating upbeat and unconventional music for upbeat, unconventional people. They strive to bring their own style and personality into their music by creating an eclectic, interesting and uniquely South African mix of Folk, Urban-African, Alt-Rock and Jazz. They’re fans of get-up-and-move dance beats as well as strong, groovy hooks that take on a new sonic attitude. They strongly believe in collaboration in all forms and actively support all artistic endeavors on and off stage.


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