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Jean Kitenge is a dynamic 26 year old Congolese musician, beat-boxer and model, living and working in is home South Africa where he was raised. Jean’s talent started to shine from an early age where he began to master the art of piano from 9 years old. His love of music grew and he was fortunate to further his studies at The National School of the Arts. 


In addition to a classically trained pianist, Jean’s skills, experience and flare for music allowed him to accomplish fluency in various instruments including the trumpet and his very own natural-born gift, his incredible voice-box. Beat-boxing is now a signature performance for Jean as he mesmerises audiences with his urban sound of vocal gymnastics and machine like precision. 


Jean headlines at many festivals and concerts and his performance work varies extensively from studio recording to radio and television, and corporate entertainment. Alongside performing to captivated audiences as large as 20,000, Jean also has a passion for motivational speaking and youth development in the industry. 


Currently Jean is the Official SAB Redd’s Carnival MC and is completing his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management. 


Twitter: @OfficiallJeanK

Instagram: @OfficiallJeanK

Facebook: Jean Kitenge

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