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Maps was born in Soweto in the Gauteng Province. He is the second son of the South African football player Marks Maponyane. Masego completed his high school career at St John's College in 2008. He studied at Wits University from 2010 until 2012 and completed his BA Degree in Media Studies, French and English (Majors) and International Human Rights (Quadruple Major).


Maps Maponyane is considered one of SA’s most stylish men. He is a TV presenter, model, actor, designer, businessman and philanthropist. He is making waves locally and internationally and has a substantial social following due to his down to earth, considerate, professional yet warm personality. He is known for his talent, fashion sense, charm and versatility.


Apart from him being well known as a celebrity, Maps is also a devoted business man. He has shown entrepreneurial skills from an early age and has a great passion for startups and SME’s. He is currently a director in various companies such as Tuta-Me, GM & Ahrens, J.Laurence and NicheStream. He has also been appointed as the CEO of Mentorfeed and the brand ambassador for Investec Private Bank.


Twitter : @MapsMaponyane

Instagram: @mmaponyane

Facebook: @MapsVII

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