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Toon 53 Productions


Toon53 Productions is an animation and illustration asset for advertising and production houses looking to outsource. They believe that you have to love what you do, and when you do - it will show through.


Rationale - Raids of Glory

Build, raid and conquer! Raids of Glory is an epic action strategy game where you build your own Stronghold, raise a terrifying gang of fearless buccaneers and wreak havoc with your friends! You have direct control of your pirate armies and their Leader as you order them to destroy rival bases and take your place as the most glorious gang in the land.


Rationale - Defy Gravity


This is the official music video for Defy Gravity by The Parlotones. It features the story of a girl called Jill who lives in a world where everyone's always busy on their phones. She gets hit by a car and her ghost flies off to a magical candy world where she joins the band and learns to break the shackles of conventional thinking. She even plays a poker game against Dali, Beethoven and Darwin!


Biography - Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson is the Founder of Toon53 Productions cc which he started in 2008. He has worked in the advertising and animation industry for over 10 years and has received many awards for his and his company's work. "Work hard but never take life too seriously, it is much shorter than we can possibly imagine.".





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