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Nandi Dlepu likes to create really cool shit. But it has to be cool shit that impacts people positively. As a result, she has imagined a world where she gets to do a little bit of that in all her endeavours, focusing on moving people as often as she possibly can.


She also makes a pretty good living producing really cool content for entities like Thackwell & Whittaker (an award winning production agency), The WKND Social (Johannesburg’s much-loved monthly brunch party movement),  Bloom (a bi-monthly conversational platform for women by women that seeks to create a safe space for women to share and have meaningful conversations around their ambitions, relationships, mental & physical wellness), Fixin Diaries Brunch & Ride (a monthly ladies only brunch & social ride) and Joho Moms (a parenting blog that features creative moms and sometimes dads that live in and around Johannesburg).


Despite causing her some level of “livable" anxiety, working on each and everyone of these entities has been highly rewarding, soul affirming, inspiring and in most cases even profitable for Nandi.



Instagram: @mamaKAshaka







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