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"Harnessing the Hackers"

by Stephen Buchanan


Cost: Price included in Festival ticket

Place: Sci-Bono, Newtown

Date: Friday, 2 September

Time: 11:50 - 12:50


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Workshop Summary

Hacker Culture, Maker Culture, prototyping, agile ­- all great ways to generate ideas and innovate quickly, but how do you get started? This workshop will inspire you to take risks, get your hands dirty, and start having creative fun with technology.


The workshop will include some live demonstrations of a few toys (or tools, if you’re feeling more serious) that are entry points into the world of creative hacking. We’ll show off some easy­-to-­use rapid coding tools aimed at visual artists (Processing ­ see, fun with data (sensors that make digital music), Arduino (for electronics) and teeny tiny computers (Raspberry Pi).


Stephen Buchanan - Biography

Stephen Buchanan has been programming computers since falling in love with a BBC Micro at the age of 9. He studied Computer Science at Rhodes University but eventually majored in English Literature and Television Journalism. He has worked as a video editor, designer, and motion graphics artist as well as developing websites, games and interactive installations.


So, not really your typical “IT guy”.


He is a composer of electronic music as well as making himself useful in various bands as a multi­instrumentalist. As Head of Interactive Design at Mann Made Media, he has produced Installations for clients such as BMW, Toyota, Telkom, Bidvest Automotive and Unilever ­ combining audio, video, generative art and sensors to create unique interactive experiences for conferences, launches and expo stands. His overriding interest is the intersection between art and technology.


About Mann Made Media

Mann Made Media is a brand experience agency that specialises in events and activations large and small through Field Marketing, Videos, Events and Interactive Design.







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