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One can say that Trevor is a small town boy working towards his big city dreams. Born and raised in Kimberley, also known as the diamond city, he sees Cape Town as a “massive runway” with beautiful people and eclectic fashions. This is why he choose the city to study post high school. 


Trevor communicates best in colour and pictures. Through his photography and blog he always tries to remain as authentic as possible. He keeps his Stuurman Style Diary as proudly local as possible with content focused on the AfricanSwag. The focal point of his blog is street style fashion; however, it covers many other fashion related materials such as show reviews, conceptual shoots and odd trend identification.


Trevor has a zeal for capturing fascinating characters. The subject has to be emotionally engaging and creatively stimulating; it has to exude exemplary elements of art such as thought provoking balance, vibrant colour, and interesting texture etc.


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