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This well travelled exile born mc has long stood out from his peers with incisive lyricism and an exiting brand of musical peculiarity typified by his work with decade long collaborators Tumi and the Volume. Four albums and their excursions into Europe and North America have served as the groundwork for what he calls his 'coming out party'. With two solo albums under his wing restricted to releases in his home land of South Africa, he is now well poised to take his voice to the rest of the world.
Tumi is preparing to release his third solo album and his first solo effort since the breakup of Tumi and the Volume. It is the artist's move to consolidate and balance his well-regarded universal appeal with an errorless local acclaim. Produced primarily by bass player Fred Hirschy producer for Freddy Masamba and Senegalese artist Didier Awadi. The musical direction takes quite a deliberate move into the oft-attempted African influenced hip-hop album. Typified by polyrhythm and afro beat syncopations but never departing wholly from the current synth-bass heavy 808 soundscapes that have populated today's hip hop.
It is again difficult to speak of the new work without mentioning the journey that inspired it. For the past year Tumi has been travelling around Africa performing festivals and shooting a documentary film of tracing back his childhood in exile and re-establishing musical relationships he has cultivated over his career. This expedition has come to inform the new body of work and is set to propel Tumi into uncharted territory.



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